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Project & Institution Year Started Amount
Personalized interventions and the scaling of human flourishing
Healthy Minds Innovations Inc
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2024 $2,357,500
Confession & Flourishing: A investigation into the impact on flourishing of Catholic confessional practices
University of Glasgow
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2024 $259,734
Repose, Insight, Activity: A Trinity of Spiritual Exercises
The International Society for Science and Religion
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2024 $497,959
Worship 2.0: Testing the benefits and challenges of virtual worship participation for flourishing
Duke University
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2024 $499,489
Embodied spiritual pathway: Experimental, applied, & cross-cultural studies of labyrinths & flourishing
Indiana University
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2024 $499,991
Standing like a Tree: Effects and Mechanisms of Daoist Zhanzhuang on Human Flourishing
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
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2024 $438,623
Using Artificial Intelligence to Identify Market Opportunities in Low- and Middle-Income Communities: A Demonstration Project
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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2024 $247,250
Towards a Global Index of Social Connection
Annecy Behavioral Science Lab
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2024 $258,822
Understanding Caregiving Across Contexts and Cultures
University of California, Berkeley
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2024 $998,274
Communicating the Science of Forgiveness for Frontline Workers
The Regents of the University of California, Berkeley
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2024 $259,917
The Composition of Creative Intelligence
Universitat Autonòma de Barcelona
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2024 $260,000
ARRC: Accelerating the Reach of Research on Consciousness
DataCite - International Data Citation Initiative e.V.
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2024 $259,897
Reconsidering the roots of affective polarization
Emory University
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2024 $799,764
Open Research Community Accelerator: Accelerating the Path to Humble Research
Open Research Community Accelerator (fiscally sponsored project of Multiplier)
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2024 $259,979
Building empathy for listening, learning, and depolarization in the US and Brazil
Duke University
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2024 $250,247
Understanding aspirations, learning, and discrimination in the world’s largest school voucher program
Centre for Civil Society
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2024 $240,235
AI and Entrepreneurship: Measurement and Analysis of AI's Impact on the Innovation Landscape
University of Washington
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2024 $249,578
Demographic Shifts in Entrepreneurship: Exploring Ecosystem Opportunities for Migrants and the Elderly
Universidad del Desarrollo
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2024 $249,159
Educational Openness in Latin America
Fundación Libertad y Progreso
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2024 $233,200
From Off-grid Solar PV Systems to Microgrids in Lebanon
American University of Beirut
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2024 $249,242