Personalized interventions and the scaling of human flourishing
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September 1 / 2024
- August 31 / 2027
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North America
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Richard Davidson
Institution Healthy Minds Innovations Inc

Raquel Tatar
Institution Healthy Minds Innovations Inc

There is a plethora of evidence to suggest that well-being is in decline in many parts of the world. We critically need scalable, engaging and personalized interventions to cultivate well-being in large sectors of the population. Extant interventions are not personalized and are insufficiently engaging. 

Healthy Minds Innovations is a non-profit affiliated with the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The project team has developed a comprehensive well-being training program, the Healthy Minds Program. In this project, the project team will develop and test a highly engaging personalized version of this program and determine the added value of the personalization on measures of engagement and efficacy. If they are successful, they will have at the end of the project period a scalable strategy for large-scale dissemination of well-being training.

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