We Support Open Research and Open Access

We support open research and open access to research for two reasons. First, Templeton World Charity Foundation seeks to support discovery science. Such research can have a significant impact, but only if it can earn the trust of the broader scientific community. This is particularly vital for projects that aim to make impactful or contrarian discoveries because they carry a higher burden of proof. 

Second, we have embraced a global mandate to support projects wherever they can have the greatest impact. It is crucial for this vision that the outputs of our projects are openly accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

We seek to support open science through multiple approaches such as building infrastructure, developing a community of inquiry, realigning incentives, and changing policy.

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Proposal Guidance and Related Information

Templeton World Charity Foundation funds a wide range of projects in science, theology, philosophy, and human society. Whatever the topic, all research is conducted at the highest standard of evidence and scholarship. We also support dissemination projects aimed at stimulating intellectual humility, curiosity, and enthusiasm for new discoveries.

For guidance about what we fund, go to the individual initiative pages or read about our other funding areas below. For general information about proposals and other information, see our Frequently Asked Questions page.