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AFSEC: Promoting SEL and Character Development in Colombia
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July 1 / 2024
- June 30 / 2025
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Character Virtue Development
South America
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Henry May
Institution Coschool S.A.S.

The overarching aim of this project, directed by Henry May at Coschool, is to help create a favorable policy environment for the uptake of evidence-based tools and programs on character development in Colombia. The project seeks to achieve this goal via continued support for the Alliance for Socioemotional Learning and Development (AFSEC) in Colombia.

AFSEC is a non-government national partnership for the promotion of character development and socio emotional learning (SEL) in Colombia based on three strategic pillars: Action, Learning, and Policy/Advocacy.

In early 2023, previous TWCF support enabled AFSEC to hire a secretary and consistent administrative support, expand the membership base; define a participatory strategy; host a high level event for the launch of the OECD's Report on Philanthropy's Contribution to SEL; and lay the foundation for sustainability of AFSEC through leveraging funding and membership fees from local organizations.

The 2024 funding will help build on these accomplishments and lay the basis for long term sustainability of AFSEC. The project will allow for organizing monthly expert-led meetings on character and SEL; designing a program for education secretariats to better integrate character and SEL into their work plans and developing a digital guideline to support this process, and enhancing AFSEC’s position through national event and communication strategy. A comprehensive mapping of existing SEL and Character Education programs within the AFSEC community will be conducted, and used to enhance transparency and collaboration among stakeholders.

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