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Project & Institution Year Started Amount
Amplification of the Mary Anning project
The Association for Science Education
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2023 $138,500
A valid statistical framework for establishing unconscious cognition
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
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2023 $228,768
ECoH Landscape Review: Africa, South Asia: Sinha, Tomlinson
citiesRISE, Inc.
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2023 $260,000
ECoH Landscape Review: Southeast Asia & the Arab Region: Silan
Annecy Behavioral Science Lab
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2023 $259,109
Landscaping Regional Research and Leadership Capacities for the Study of Human Flourishing in Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Brazil
Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
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2023 $257,081
Testing the "Morality and (Mis)Perception Model of Polarization" Across Cultures and Contexts
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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2023 $249,948
Listening to learn: Modeling the depolarizing impacts of learning goals during conversations in which people disagree
University at Buffalo
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2023 $250,000
Reducing Polarization Through Scalable Cooperation
President and Fellows of Harvard College
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2023 $250,000
Adaptation In The Human Coupling with Culture: Exploring the Role of Uncertainty as a Polarizing Force From an Enactive Perspective
University of Vienna
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2023 $156,690
Planning Grant: Cultivating Gratitude, Generosity, and Spirituality in Digital Spaces: Charting a Course for Translational Research to Promote Human Flourishing
Baylor University
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2023 $259,870
Collective Reasoning and Rationality in Early Childhood
University of Manchester
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2023 $260,000
Forgiveness and reconciliation rituals: Pathways to depolarization for adolescents in rural Kenya, Cameroon and Ethiopia
Kisii University
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2023 $249,714
Is it sometimes rational to believe things that aren’t true? Evaluating a normative standard for when beliefs should and shouldn’t change
Brown University
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2023 $247,276
Testing the causal impact of social media on polarization around the globe
New York University
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2023 $249,999
Individual and cross-cultural differences in the attraction to political extremes
Fundación Universidad Torcuato Di Tella
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2023 $248,400
Global Leadership Challenge 2023/24
University of Oxford Development Trust
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2023 $99,998
Inner Development and Human Flourishing Ecosystems to Accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals
IDG Inner Development Goals AB (svb)
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2023 $259,325
SongWriter Podcast LLC
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2023 $260,000
Adversarial Collaboration Project
The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania
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2023 $234,000
A novel perspective on animal culture: How ant colonies accumulate complex solutions in a fluctuating environment
University of Georgia Research Foundation Inc
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2023 $228,128