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Part II: Engaging Latin American Policy Makers in Character Education with Community Araucaria
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July 1 / 2024
- June 30 / 2025
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Character Virtue Development
South America
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Agustin Javier Porres
Institution Fundación Varkey Argentina

Launched in 2023 by the Varkey Foundation, with the support of TWCF, the main objective of Community Araucaria is to promote educational transformation through the creation of a community of provincial and state ministers of Education from Latin America.

The community works across the three pillars of professional development, exploration and articulation. First, it seeks to provide training in skills and capacities that will enable policy leaders to think globally and act locally, through engagement with expert-led learning opportunities. Second, it seeks to provide policy leaders with the opportunity to explore innovative approaches to transforming education. Finally, it seeks to provide opportunities to connect with experts from diverse fields in education, as well as multilateral organizations and other thought leaders.

Character development and education is a central theme of interest for Community Araucaria. This project led by Agustin Porres will provide funding to develop a new suite of activities aimed at providing policy leaders with the opportunity to develop their own character strengths and skills, learn about cutting edge research and practical innovations, and engage with researchers, practitioners and thought leaders working on character education and related initiatives. 

Building on the positive reception of the community of Ministers to the plenary on character education by James Arthur (Jubilee Centre) at the annual convening in Madrid, the Community Araucaria team will work to incorporate a character education training session in all future face-to-face meetings; identify and invite high-level speakers to the meetings who act as role models of virtuous leadership; organize meetings with ministerial teams to share successes and examples of character development initiatives in the region; and build an alumni network of ambassadors for character education.

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