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Project & Institution Year Started Amount
Understanding aspirations, learning, and discrimination in the world’s largest school voucher program
Centre for Civil Society
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2024 $240,235
AI and Entrepreneurship: Measurement and Analysis of AI's Impact on the Innovation Landscape
University of Washington
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2024 $249,578
Demographic Shifts in Entrepreneurship: Exploring Ecosystem Opportunities for Migrants and the Elderly
Universidad del Desarrollo
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2024 $249,159
Educational Openness in Latin America
Fundación Libertad y Progreso
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2024 $233,200
From Off-grid Solar PV Systems to Microgrids in Lebanon
American University of Beirut
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2024 $249,242
Disassembling the regulatory obstacles that hinder the opening of new businesses in light of Nearshoring in Mexico
México Evalúa, Centro de Análisis de Políticas Públicas, A.C.
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2024 $250,000
Charitable Reasoning: how the tools of philosophy can help increase belief revision and decrease polarization
Lake Forest College
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2024 $217,283
Philosophical Foundations of Group Rationality
The Regents of the University of California; University of California, Santa Barbara
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2024 $214,284
Building empathy for listening, learning, and depolarization in the US and Brazil
Duke University
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2024 $250,247
Character Formation and the Development of Leaders for Europe via Europaeum Scholarships
The Europaeum
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2024 $259,742
"Reimagining Education From a Gross National Happiness Perspective" International Symposium, Bhutan
Royal University of Bhutan
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2024 $100,000
Global Dialogue on Freedom and Human Flourishing at MPS General Meeting, New Delhi
Centre for Civil Society
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2024 $50,000
Learning lessons in a community of spiritual scientists and practitioners: Growing the impact of the SoRSE program
Blueprint 1543
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2024 $241,029
Non Profit Accelerator
One Eleuthera Foundation
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2024 $99,990
Leadership on Existential Threats
The Elders Foundation
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2024 $258,871
Young Leadership Program at The Island School
Cape Eleuthera Island School
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2024 $80,000
Building A Better Conversation Between Religion and Technology
Clal - The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, Inc.
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2024 $99,993
Building character strength: Using a Phenomenological approach to explore how children 4-8 years are taught gratitude in home and school settings among indigenous Kenyan Turkana and Ethiopian Amhara
Kisii University
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2024 $99,967
Stories of Impact Video Series 2024
Rebel Media Productions, LLC
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2024 $260,000
RExChange 2024 and 2026 Real World Research for Real World Classrooms
Culham St Gabriel’s Trust
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2024 $40,000