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( Priority: The Science of Religious and Spiritual Exercises )
Project & Institution Year Started Amount
​From the Heart: Testing the Efficacy of Heart-Centered Contemplation
Coventry University
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2021 $523,400
Centering and Flourishing: A Smartphone-Based Intervention Experiment​
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
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2021 $229,978
The Paradoxical Effects of Religious Fasting on Prosociality and Flourishing
Arizona State University
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2022 $341,174
Accelerating Global Spiritual Innovation
The Tides Center
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2022 $1,400,000
Creating the Sacred from the Profane: The Psychological Mechanisms, Moderators, and Outcomes of Mass Singing Events Held by Koolulam
The Research Foundation for The State University of New York
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2022 $499,754
The Christian Practice of Lament: Mechanisms of Change, Moderators, and Flourishing Outcomes
Biola University, Inc.
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2022 $496,484
Fasting and Flourishing: A Comparative Analysis
Arizona State University
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2022 $422,516
Understanding the Psychological, Behavioral, and Social Outcomes of the Ramadan Fast
The New School
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2022 $499,887
Temporal Dynamics of Felt Security in Jewish Ritual and Experience
Reichman University
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2022 $499,694
Toward evidence-based spiritual therapeutics: a randomized controlled trial of Hesychastic prayer
The Brigham and Women's Hospital, Inc.
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2022 $231,519