ARRC: Accelerating the Reach of Research on Consciousness
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June 5 / 2024
- June 5 / 2026
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Matthew Buys
Institution DataCite - International Data Citation Initiative e.V.

This project provides strategic support for scientific researchers on consciousness. TWCF has supported five world-leading research projects, and early results indicate potential for game-changing contributions to the field. Given the complexity of research on consciousness, the aim of this project is to provide support for these five projects so that their findings can be more easily and openly communicated to a broad audience.

Project activities will include market research, development of an online resource, and community engagement. They will develop a website-based resource that facilitates open science, clear communication, and efficient data sharing. The resource will leverage innovative open infrastructure to help researchers efficiently share a range of research outputs with a broad audience. They will also engage the broader community through a range of collaborative activities.

Outputs include meetings, a competition with prizes, and a website that is easy to navigate whilst providing advanced features that automate data sharing.

The anticipated impact will be to communicate the findings of the five existing research projects to a much wider audience while reducing the communications workload on the research teams, thereby increasing the efficiency of their work and contributing to the overall rigor of the consciousness portfolio.

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