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Building the Field of Human Flourishing

Welcoming researchers, funders, policymakers, practitioners and advocates to collaborate and build lasting change across the world.

Many of our modern world's biggest challenges – from pandemics to climate change mitigation to modern conflict – can be traced to a crisis of the human spirit. Too often we focus narrowly on how to survive rather than holistically on how to thrive. The study of human flourishing blends science and spirituality to better understand our uniquely human capacities to flourish. 

Scientific studies over the past few decades have begun to revolutionize our understanding of human flourishing, moving it from a quaint scholarly niche to the subject of significant scientific importance. Researchers across a range of disciplines have shown it is possible to reliably measure different dimensions of human flourishing. Early pioneers are beginning to translate knowledge of how and why people flourish into practical tools that can be thoroughly tested so we know whether they work, for whom, and under which circumstances.

What is emerging is a new field, encompassing research, practice, and policy across academic and practical specialties. This field is highly interdisciplinary, bringing together dynamic combinations of researchers across the physical, biological, and social sciences with scholars in philosophy, history, art, and theology. The fact that so many different disciplines have approached human flourishing reflects its complexity and universality. 

Templeton World Charity Foundation aims to support the growth of this burgeoning field, inclusive of individuals from low- and middle-income countries and those studying flourishing in diverse and under-represented populations, so that together we can discover, develop and launch solutions for all humans to flourish.

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What we seek to accomplish
Increase the size and diversity of researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and funders who will collaborate to identify clear goals in the field of human flourishing.

Outreach to established and up-and-coming researchers in low and middle income countries.

Communicating the impact of compelling innovations that dramatically increase one or more aspects of flourishing.
What is Human Flourishing?

How Can a Conference Help Build the Field of Human Flourishing?

Global Flourishing Conference

Held for two consecutive years, the Global Flourishing Conference was created to support the multi- and inter-disciplinary field of human flourishing.

We’ve invited professionals whose work contributes to the creation and sharing of new knowledge and innovations for human flourishing, regardless of discipline. This includes leading scientists, policymakers, practitioners, cultural influences, philanthropists, grassroots advocates, and media from around the world.

Reflected in abstract submissions and panel discussions, we strongly encouraged participation from groups traditionally under-represented in the scientific study of human flourishing, including scholars and leaders from lower- and middle-income countries. Learn more at:

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