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Project & Institution Year Started Amount
An Open-Science Collaboration to Improve Deliberation and Reduce Polarization
The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania
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2023 $524,964
Launching the Aegis Trust Peace Institute: Establishing a Community and Platform to Scale Lessons on Forgiveness from Rwanda to the World
Aegis Trust
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2023 $120,000
Gender inequity and cooperative sustainability: an evolutionary, cross-cultural, and developmental perspective
University of Dundee
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2023 $260,000
Center for Conflict and Cooperation
New York University
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2023 $499,454
Human Flourishing through Models of Care and Intelligence
Center for the Study of Apparent Selves
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2023 $233,795
2023-2024 Online Cohorts for the TWCF Academic Writing Course, the TWCF Technical Communication Course, and the TWCF Grant Writing & Management Course
Publication Academy LLC
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2023 $260,000
How effective and fair is the scientific peer-review process? A machine-learning-based approach
Chapman University
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2023 $99,890
Big Questions in Classrooms – Embedding culture change and human flourishing in joint Science/RE curriculum design principles in English Multi-Academy Trusts
The National Society (Church of England and Church in Wales) for the Promotion of Education
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2023 $260,000
Taking the Pulse of Global Partisan Animosity
Trustees of Dartmouth College
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2023 $649,944
Development of a framework and book proposal for organizing research on religious and spiritual exercises
Indiana University
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2023 $100,000
Meaning, value, purpose, and their place in nature: toward a new, intrinsic scientific ontology
Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System
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2023 $259,999
2023 Summer Research Institute
Mind & Life Institute
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2023 $25,000
Liberate the Pill 2
Cadence Health, Inc.
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2023 $2,500,000
Character Day Bahamas
Providing Access to Continued Education (PACE) Foundation
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2023 $260,000
Leveraging Cross-Sector Collaboration to Advance Open Scholarship
Open Research Funders Group
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2023 $224,971
Metascience Symposium 2023
Center for Open Science, Inc.
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2023 $50,000
Entrepreneurship in the MENA Region: The Uncharted Territory
Liverpool John Moores University
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2023 $248,325
Women's Freedom to Work Research Programme
Mercatus Center, Inc.
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2023 $234,765
Edumoción: a digital hub for Character Education and SEL resources for the Spanish Speaking World
Coschool S.A.S.
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2023 $500,000
Freedom Champions Summit Asia and the George Ayittey Society: Convening leaders from the majority world to expand market participation in Asia and Africa
The Atlas Economic Research Foundation
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2023 $175,000