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( Core Funding Area: Big Questions )
Project & Institution Year Started Amount
A Synthetic Biology Approach to Multicellular Patterning
California Institute of Technology
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2018 $330,000
A Theory for Cephalopod Intelligence: The Alien Intelligence in Our Midst
London School of Economics and Political Science
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2020 $233,785
Affect and Knowledge-Production in Theology and Religious Studies
The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of University of Cambridge
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2018 $201,561
An Exploration of Virtual Reality As A Tool For Spiritual Progress
St. Thomas University
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2017 $131,780
Argumentation in Science and Religious Education: An Interdisciplinary Study in British Schools
The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford
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2018 $469,354
Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity​
The Master or Keeper and Fellows and Scholars of Jesus College Cambridge
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2017 $195,421
Biological Information and Biological Function
University of Sydney
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2017 $330,000
Blazing a Trail: Detectors and Techniques for Imaging Habitable Exoplanets with Ground-Based Telescopes
Regents of the University of Michigan
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2018 $609,211
Broadening Secondary School Science (BRaSSS)
University College London
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2018 $387,418
Can Forgiveness Be Strengthened in West and South Africa?
Virginia Commonwealth University
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2014 $938,248