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Templeton World Charity Foundation funds innovative projects that push the boundaries of scientific knowledge and help people flourish.

We are investing $100 million in bold research, practices, and policies that promote human flourishing. We support dynamic dialogues with leading scientists, policymakers, practitioners, influencers, and advocates working on the scientific frontiers of human flourishing.

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Pushing Boundaries

Our Strategy 
and Priorities

Templeton World Charity Foundation’s strategy supports a diverse group of researchers in the discovery of knowledge, development of tools, and launch of innovations that make a lasting impact on human flourishing.

The majority of our grants fall under specific priorities — portfolios of projects exploring a common set of aims.

Each of these priorities relates to a stage of our strategic pipeline for innovation: Discovery, Development, and Launch. Click the slides to learn more about each approach.

For more on our impact in The Bahamas, explore here.

Our Priorities
Impact in the Bahamas
The need to expand our understanding of human flourishing in diverse populations.