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The Listening & Learning in a Polarized World RFP was open November 28, 2022 through January 24, 2023.

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Templeton World Charity Foundation is committed to building the field of human flourishing.

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We recently hosted the Global Scientific Human Flourishing Conference for dynamic dialogues with leading scientists, policymakers, practitioners, influencers, and advocates working on the scientific frontiers of human flourishing.

Listening and Learning in a Polarized World - Templeton World Charity Foundation

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Global Scientific Conference on Human Flourishing

Global Scientific Human Flourishing Conference

Templeton World Charity Foundation hosted this virtual, free-of-cost event
November 29, & 30, 2022.

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The Future of Human Flourishing

We are investing $100 million in bold research, practices, and policies that promote human flourishing.

Watch the video and click below to learn what human flourishing means and how studying it can be an agent for change.

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