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( Core Funding Area: Individual Freedom and Free Markets )
Project & Institution Year Started Amount
​​​​ The Global Index of Economic Openness: A Pathway to Prosperity​
The Legatum Institute Foundation
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2018 $1,468,726
Responsible Apparel Initiative: Creating a Social Responsibility Index (SRI) to Promote Ethical Practices among Consumer Driven Apparel Supply Chains​
North Carolina State University
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2021 $1,256,792
Promoting Economic Openness – Phase Two: Supporting Pathways from Poverty to Prosperity
The Legatum Institute Foundation
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2021 $917,472
​Isolating the Impact of Intersecting Social, Economic, and Ecological Crises on Human Trafficking in The Bahamas
University of Nottingham
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2021 $233,711
Can decentralised finance make poverty history?
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
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2021 $229,492
Market mechanisms for allocating clean water: Experimental evidence from India
The University of Chicago
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2021 $233,999
Exploring the Social Life of Markets
Mercatus Center at George Mason University
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2021 $231,150
Impact of Anti-Competitive Practices in the Construction Industry on Housing for the Poor in South Asia
Advocata Institute
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2021 $233,000
A comparative snapshot: Pivoting teaching-learning methods for low-income students during the pandemic
Centre for Civil Society
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2021 $119,677
Land ownership evolution and its socio-economic impact in Nepal
Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation
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2021 $124,027