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( Region: Asia )
Project & Institution Year Started Amount
Building Character Strengths and Virtues in Post-conflict Sri Lanka: A School-Based Program for Youth​
University of Kelaniya
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2019 $233,919
Building More Forgiving Communities around the Globe through Engagement to Complete Do-It-Yourself REACH Forgiveness Workbooks​​
City University of Hong Kong
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2019 $999,986
Where Selves Are Mere Appearance: A Translation of Being, Agency, and Ethics in AI and Buddhism
Rangjung Yeshe Institute Foundation, Inc.
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2020 $233,496
​A Mindfulness-Based Program to Advance Compassion and Its Related Virtues in Young Filipino Adults
FriendlyCare Foundation, Inc.
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2019 $233,753
​Faith and Science Collaborative Research Forum​
The University of Hong Kong
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2019 $711,074
​Measuring and Developing the Character Strengths of Wisdom in Low-Security Contexts: Testing New Approaches in Sri Lanka and the Philippines​
University of Colombo
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2019 $231,679
Towards a Human-Centric Model of Training in Healthcare: Leveraging the Humanities to Strengthen Character Virtues and Increase Compassionate Care among Lady Health Workers in Karachi, Pakistan​
IRD Pakistan (PVT.) Limited
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2020 $233,859
​A Randomized Controlled Trial on the Effectiveness of a Positive Psychology-based Coaching Intervention for Community Health Workers to Improve their Delivery of Treatment for Depression in Rural India​
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2021 $985,074
Impact of Anti-Competitive Practices in the Construction Industry on Housing for the Poor in South Asia
Advocata Institute
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2021 $233,000
A comparative snapshot: Pivoting teaching-learning methods for low-income students during the pandemic
Centre for Civil Society
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2021 $119,677