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( Priority: Forgiveness )
Project & Institution Year Started Amount
Can Forgiveness Be Strengthened in West and South Africa?
Virginia Commonwealth University
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2014 $938,248
Developing Tool to Assess Forgiveness Preparedness
The Shani Project PLLC
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2022 $29,000
Forgiveness at the Roots of Faiths – How Understanding the Science of Forgiveness Can Better Heal and Restore Communities of Faith
World Conference of Religions for Peace, Inc.
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2023 $260,000
Launching the Aegis Trust Peace Institute: Establishing a Community and Platform to Scale Lessons on Forgiveness from Rwanda to the World
Aegis Trust
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2023 $120,000
Forgiveness: A Pathway to Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions – From Rwanda to the World
Tufts University
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2024 $260,000
Communicating the Science of Forgiveness for Frontline Workers
The Regents of the University of California, Berkeley
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2024 $259,917
Muslim Religious Leaders Training on the Theology and Science of Forgiveness
International Interfaith Peace Corps Inc
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2024 $259,992