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( Priority: Accelerating Research on Consciousness )
Project & Institution Year Started Amount
​Accelerating Research on Consciousness: An Adversarial Collaboration to Test Contradictory Predictions of Global Neuronal Workspace and Integrated Information Theory​
Max Planck Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Wissenschaften e.V.
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2019 $6,028,087
Analyzing and Merging Theories of Consciousness
New York University
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2020 $213,724
Replication and Extension of Crucial John Grimes Experiment: Change Detection during Saccades​
St. John’s University
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2020 $172,576
​CIFAR Winter School in the Scientific Study of Consciousness​
The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
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2020 $203,000
Study of the Formation, Practice, and Effect of Adversarial Collaboration in Consciousness Research​
The Regents of the University of California
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2021 $139,692
What do theories of consciousness predict about consciousness in animals, infants, and machines?​
New York University
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2021 $200,000
Pilot studies for the Adversarial Testing of Predictive Processing and Integrated Information Theories of Consciousness​
Universiteit van Amsterdam
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2021 $230,000
A Systematic Exploration of the Multi-scale Brain Processes Underlying Conscious Perception
Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale
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2022 $702,420
Testing Global Neuronal Workspace and Integrated Information Theories of Consciousness in Animal Models
University of Wisconsin - Madison
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2021 $3,499,941
​Implementing FAIR Workflows: A Proof of Concept Study in the Field of Consciousness​
DataCite - International Data Citation Initiative e.V
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2021 $1,261,137