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( Priority: Global Innovations for Character Development Initiative )
Project & Institution Year Started Amount
Building Character in Youth through a Game-­based Solution to a Community Challenge
World Vision, Inc
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2019 $1,000,000
Building Character Strengths and Virtues in Post-conflict Sri Lanka: A School-Based Program for Youth​
University of Kelaniya
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2019 $233,919
Building Character Strengths, Wellbeing and Resilience in Refugee Children: Evaluating the Outcomes of a Group-Based Psychosocial Support Intervention in Uganda​
Stichting War Child
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2019 $234,000
Building More Forgiving Communities around the Globe through Engagement to Complete Do-It-Yourself REACH Forgiveness Workbooks​​
City University of Hong Kong
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2019 $999,986
Building the local case for Character Development in high conflict settings of the Northern Triangle in Central America​
Fundacion Crisalida Internacional
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2019 $233,784
Conviver: Enhancing Social Responsibility and Prosocial Leadership in Elementary School Children in Brazil
Universidade Federal do Parana
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2019 $233,996
Positive Design to Promote Gratitude and Wellbeing in Schools, from Children’s Points of View
Universidad de los Andes
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2019 $232,653
The Other Side of the Other
Usina da Imaginação
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2019 $231,875
​A Mindfulness-Based Program to Advance Compassion and Its Related Virtues in Young Filipino Adults
FriendlyCare Foundation, Inc.
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2019 $233,753
​Character and Thriving Among Kenyan Youth: A Novel Measure for Use with Street Children and Youth Enrolled in Schools​
Maasai Mara University
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2019 $233,988