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Global Innovations for Character Development

Expanding the frontier of human development by supporting research on the contribution of character strengths to human flourishing.

Templeton World Charity Foundation’s Global Innovations for Character Development seeks to establish character development as a lever for social change, increased prosperity, and overall human flourishing. It envisions a world in which character strengths are recognized for their transformative role in improving the lives of individuals and communities.

With grant-funded projects around the globe, GICD is a first-of-its-kind initiative to promote character strengths worldwide. Character strengths are learned and learnable attributes, virtues, skills, habits, or capabilities that enable individuals to lead better lives. Examples include compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, honesty, humility, and kindness. Some Global Innovations for Character Development projects also seek to promote local character strengths, such as the East African concept Utu (shared humanity, humanness).

GICD what we seek
What we seek to accomplish
Fund scientifically sound innovations that promote and measure character development, especially in low-resource settings

Encourage the uptake of character development innovations by supporting knowledge exchange and dissemination.

Build character development research and implementation capacity in diverse contexts.
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Stories of Impact

Stories from our grantees

Learn how grantee Tom Osborn and the Shamiri Institute created interventions to help adolescents in Kenya leverage character strengths to fight anxiety and depression.

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