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( Region: Africa )
Project & Institution Year Started Amount
Can Forgiveness Be Strengthened in West and South Africa?
Virginia Commonwealth University
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2014 $938,248
Facilitating Synergetic Interaction between Science and Religion in Kenya through an integrated Build-Train-Go (BuildTrainGo) Public Engagement Model​
Mount Kenya University
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2019 $503,056
​Character and Thriving Among Kenyan Youth: A Novel Measure for Use with Street Children and Youth Enrolled in Schools​
Maasai Mara University
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2019 $233,988
Evaluating Positive Youth Development Intervention Programs Promoting Character Virtues Among Ugandan Youth Living in Poverty: Innovations using Idiographic Methods and Measures​
Compassion International
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2020 $233,225
Positive Youth Development and Character Formation in the Liberian Context​
Life And Change Experienced Through Sports, Inc.
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2020 $229,599
Shamiri: Improving Character Strengths, Wellness, Social Functioning and Academic Achievement in Kenyan High School Youths​
Kenyatta University
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2020 $233,926
​Cultivating Virtue in Kenyan School Leaders​
Centre for Character and Leadership
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2020 $228,870
Understanding Character Virtue Formation in Early Childhood and the Role of Parental Character Virtues and Cognitions in Promoting Children’s Character Virtues in the High-Risk, Low-Income Setting of Tanzania
E.D.I. Limited
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2020 $233,989
​Adapting and Validating Measures of Adolescent Connectedness and Character Development for Use in Kenya​
The Aga Khan University
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2020 $231,242
Teaching Children Empathy and Compassion through Virtual Reality Games​
Pan-Atlantic University Foundation
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2020 $233,919