Open Research Community Accelerator: Accelerating the Path to Humble Research
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May 15 / 2024
- May 14 / 2026
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North America
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Greg Tananbaum
Institution Open Research Community Accelerator (fiscally sponsored project of Multiplier)

The Open Research Community Accelerator (ORCA) catalyzes evidence-based, community-driven processes to stimulate the adoption of open science policies, strategies, and activities. They collaborate within and across sectors of the research ecosystem to make open science more rewarding, more equitable, and easier to practice. ORCA works on a range of projects that encourage the engagement of diverse voices, perspectives, and expertise across the scientific enterprise. As we face existential global challenges like climate change and pandemics, a more open and civic-minded form of science is a critical tool to ensure that both research processes and outcomes are more inclusive, and, by extension, more innovative, efficient, transparent, and trustworthy.

In an age marked by unprecedented societal challenges, fostering an ethos that emphasizes not only innovative but also thoughtful inclusive collaboration is paramount. It is critical to nurture initiatives that aspire to tackle the pressing issues we face through humble, transparent, and empathetic approaches grounded in open science methodologies.

The ORCA team has a wealth of experience in effecting systems-level change to advance open science. It is within this framework that the project team propose a suite of activities that are individually and collectively designed to advance a more open, accessible, engaging, actionable, and humble form of research. The proposed collaborations within and across communities have been identified to advance practical interventions that better align policies, values, norms, and incentives.

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