Stories of Impact Video Series 2024
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February 1 / 2024
- January 10 / 2025
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North America
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Richard Sergay
Institution Rebel Media Productions, LLC

Since 2010, the Templeton World Charity Foundation has given hundreds of grants to projects across disciplines and countries. In both video and text, the Stories of Impact series has highlighted 35 high-profile projects that reflect key themes in the Foundation's grant-making. The series highlights the human stories and critical perspectives that bring to life the Foundation's mission: funding breakthroughs concerning the big questions of life.

This grant aims to create an additional five episodes in the Stories of Impact (SOI) series. 

Distributed by ABC, CuriosityStream and WIRED TV, among others, the Stories of Impact videos reach a global audience. Each SOI video is typically watched by more than tens of thousands, if not millions, of viewers worldwide. Continuing this unique and significant effort will amplify the impact of the Foundation's grant-supported projects by disseminating their unique discoveries around the world.​

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