Building the Field of Human Flourishing
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October 9 / 2023
- December 10 / 2024
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North America
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Katrin Kaeufer
Institution Presencing Institute, Inc

Researchers focusing on the scientific study of human flourishing in the Global South often face isolation, hindering cross-disciplinary discourse. A global network could help bridge connection gaps and provide institutional support for growth in this field. This project seeks to support an existing and growing network of academics and practitioners examining the study and practice of human flourishing. In particular, its purpose is to work with leaders in this network to advance the organic growth of this developing field through intentional outreach to the Global South, and to build a global entity that functions as a “network of networks”. 

Led by Katrin Kaufer, a project team at The Presencing Institute (PI), will tap into the existing Flourishing Network, which is closely related to the Harvard/Baylor Global Flourishing Study.

PI’s project aims to facilitate inspiring and inclusive global conversations that will bolster a strategy for a Global Community of Practice for Flourishing (GCPF). The project aims to ultimately support a Global Flourishing Social Movement that, in collaboration with aligned organizations, promotes flourishing around the world. The success of the movement-building process is directly related to the capacity of cultivating partnerships with institutions in the Global South, which requires a dedicated, inclusive strategy that gives voice to key stakeholders in untapped markets.

The project spans 4 strategic phases. Phase I uncovers shared intentions among stakeholders already linked to the Global Flourishing Study. Phase II expands awareness within the community, gathering qualitative and quantitative data. Phase III intensifies leader engagement, drawing on data from earlier phases to envision a robust GCPF. Phase IV finalizes a 3-5 year strategy for a global flourishing network, emphasizing system designs and next steps for a global community that facilitates sharing of scientific findings and fosters generative dialogues across sectors, disciplines and cultural context, intentionally including the Global South.

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