RExChange 2024 and 2026 Real World Research for Real World Classrooms
TWCF Number
Project Duration
February 1 / 2024
- January 31 / 2027
Core Funding Area
Big Questions
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Kathryn Wright
Institution Culham St Gabriel’s Trust

Religious education is a subject in which big questions related to the nature of reality, personhood, belief, meaning, and truth can be explored and discussed through the lenses of theology, religious studies, and philosophy, and where knowledge and understanding about religion and worldviews can be developed. It specifically builds on the Big Questions in Classrooms TWCF funded initiative promoting dissemination of work in this field.

This project will build the capacity of RE teachers in schools to engage with research on various aspects of religious education including the interdisciplinary nature of the subject or ‘ways of knowing’; curriculum design; the nature of worldviews; pedagogical shifts; and insights from cognitive science. In addition, the project seeks to open the minds of educators to the diversity of intelligence, potentially breaking down traditional boundaries in this field.

By strengthening teachers' understanding of and reflection on research that has implications on practice, the project will have the downstream impact of supporting young people's learning of and engagement with big questions in the domain of belief and worldviews.

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