AI and Human Flourishing: Pilot Phase of the Global Challenges Programme
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November 1 / 2023
- October 31 / 2025
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Lionel Tarassenko
Institution The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool to solve some of humanity's most vexing and persistent problems is not just a vision of the future, but a present reality. Even though many of us have little to no operational understanding of the technology, humans will increasingly need to interface with these complex systems.

The Oxford-Reuben Global Challenges Program (GCP) aims to temper our growing exuberance for AI-related technologies with a thoughtful, interdisciplinary, research-based approach to the study of human development. Specifically, this project from a team led by Lionel Tarassenko seeks to examine how AI can be used as a means to reinforce beneficial and critical aspects of human development. The project team will take a longitudinal approach to understanding critical milestones in human development and the potential impact of advanced AI systems in the context of our communities. 

Hosted by Reuben College in partnership with University Departments at Oxford, the GCP aims to bring the highest level of intellectual rigor together with an impact-first approach to addressing the most pressing global challenges of our day. It integrates departments and disciplines from across the University.

The GCP's primary research questions will focus on exploring how advanced AI systems can support, rather than hinder, human development. The interdisciplinary  investigation will require empirical research to identify key features of human development; normative scholarship to define ideal human development; and technical understanding of AI's capabilities.

The pilot program seeks to support the inaugural teams researching these distinct topics for a period of 2 years.

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