​The Spiritual Loop Project: Assessing the Pastoral Potential of Machine Intelligence for Spiritual Progress

Can machine intelligence unite congregations in their experiences of religious community? And can it help them become more inclusive of congregants with severe cognitive disabilities?

Towards a Human-Centric Model of Training in Healthcare: Leveraging the Humanities to Strengthen Character Virtues and Increase Compassionate Care among Lady Health Workers in Karachi, Pakistan​

Character strengths have the power to transform the lives of health workers and patients alike. Subhash Chandir’s project seeks to embed character strengths into one of the most critical levels of healthcare delivery in Pakistan.

Positive Youth Development and Character Formation in the Liberian Context​

L.A.C.E.S. (Life and Change Experienced thru Sport) is finding novel ways to foster character and virtue development in young Liberians. Having demonstrated success in character development, the organization wants to ensure it is cultivating the strengths that best help young people thrive.

Character of Champions: An Intervention Using the Power of Soccer to Inspire Character Development​

Directed by Dr. Edward Bethel, this project will develop and evaluate an after-school, sports-based character development program for Bahamian youth. The program aims to instill hope, perseverance, and responsibility in children (ages 9-12) from inner-city neighborhoods.

Epistemic Progress in the University​

Epistemic progress in the university is threatened by replication crises, scientific misconduct, and widespread doubt in the humanities’ ability to yield such progress. To respond to these threats, this project will develop and implement institutional arrangements and procedures that create the research practices needed to realize epistemic progress.