Positive Youth Development and Character Formation in the Liberian Context​
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November 1 / 2020
- October 31 / 2022
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Character Virtue Development
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James Moore
Institution Life And Change Experienced Through Sports, Inc.

In the twenty-first century, Liberian youth have confronted civil war, the Ebola epidemic, and other immense challenges. They have also witnessed the breakdown of institutions—families, schools, churches—that, historically, supported their development as citizens.

Recognizing this, L.A.C.E.S. (Life and Change Experienced thru Sport) is finding novel ways to foster character and virtue development. A grassroots, Christ-centered mentoring program, L.A.C.E.S uses sports to help young Liberians. Having demonstrated success in character development, the organization wants to ensure it is cultivating the right virtues and strengths. That is, the strengths that best help young people thrive, and which they can most effectively cultivate.

In collaboration with researchers at Ball State University and Claremont Graduate University, this project seeks to gain a fuller understanding of what positive youth development in Liberia entails. Based on the research results, L.A.C.E.S. will revise its curriculum. By pinpointing culturally-valued strengths, the project will serve as a roadmap for cultivating character among other young people around the world.

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