​CIFAR Winter School in the Scientific Study of Consciousness​
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July 1 / 2020
- March 3 / 2022
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North America
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Kate Geddie
Institution The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

This project supports the activities of the CIFAR program in Brain, Mind & Consciousness (BMC), with a particular emphasis on the Neuroscience of Consciousness Winter School. This unique, four-day event will bring together the next generation of leaders in neuroscience researchers from across the globe, and train them in the neurobiology of consciousness and higher-order cognitive processing. The school will provide participants with opportunities to learn from world-class experts on frontier topics in consciousness research. Participants—a cohort of outstanding postdoctoral fellows and senior graduate students—will receive specific leadership and science communication training. The highly competitive application process is managed by CIFAR BMC Co-Directors and Global Scholars associated with the program. A mix of BMC Fellows and invited speakers will give research lectures. The winter school will contribute to the development of a community of consciousness researchers, strengthen early-career researchers’ connections, and promote a greater awareness and appreciation for different approaches and theories in the field.​

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