Land ownership evolution and its socio-economic impact in Nepal
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December 15 / 2021
- December 14 / 2022
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Individual Freedom and Free Markets
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Arpita Nepal
Institution Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation

Numerous scholars argue that land ownership serves as an asset for the rural poor, leading to greater mobility and education for children. However, literature in Nepal has not acknowledged the impact of land ownership on intergenerational mobility. The evolution of private property rights amongst individuals and communities, the use of eminent domain, and the motivation for resistance to confiscation have yet to be analyzed.

The study, led by Arpita Nepal of the Samriddhi Foundation, aims to identify:

  • The economic, social or geographic impacts of land ownership status.
  • The effect of sharing common values or being part of a group on resistance to the confiscation of private property.
  • The chances of getting fair market compensation for personal property confiscated through eminent domain.

By conducting empirical research, the project aims to identify whether land ownership status limits any opportunities that may lead to children moving higher or lower in the economic or social strata. It also seeks to understand the implications of homogeneity measured as belonging to particular indigenous groups, and how that shapes resistance to state-led expropriation of privately-owned land. The study further aims to guide future research and policy direction towards strengthening private property rights in Nepal.

The research will spur a series of feedback seminars, which will help solidify the findings and serve as a baseline knowledge to guide future research and policy directions.

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