Laws of Life Essay Competition (Bahamas)​
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June 5 / 2019
- August 31 / 2019
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Character Virtue Development
The Bahamas
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Mena Griffiths
Institution Teleios Ministries

Since 1987, students in communities around the globe have competed for prizes in essay contests based on the Laws of Life in Sir John Templeton’s writings. The Bahamas Laws of Life contest was initiated in 2009 representing a collaboration between Templeton World Charity Foundation and The Bahamas Ministry of Education.

This grant supports the expansion of The Bahamas Laws of Life, which has become the nation’s most successful student essay contest. Each year, students write an essay themed around one of Sir John’s Laws of Life. Winners and their respective schools receive cash prizes, with additional annual prizes awarded to select teachers and schools. The contest is open to primary school, middle school, high school, and college students in both New Providence and the Family Islands.

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