The Bahamas Laws of Life Essay and Video Competition 2024 - Ethan Farquharson of Queen’s College - Top Scorer in Junior Division - Overall Winner of the 2024 Laws of Life Essay Competition Receives his prize from TWCF President, Tina Cambridge.
Jun 28, 2024

Winners Announced for The Laws of Life Essay Competition in The Bahamas 2024

Congratulations to all participants with special recognition of all the top performers of the 2024 Bahamas Laws of Life Essay and Video Competition!

By Templeton Staff
Pictured: Ethan Farquharson of Queen’s College - Top Scorer in Junior Division - Overall Winner of the 2024 Laws of Life Essay Competition Receives his Prize from TWCF President, Tina Cambridge.
Bahamas Laws of Life Essay Competition


The Laws of Life Essay and Video Competition reached its culmination with a grand awards ceremony honoring the exceptional young minds of our country who have endeavored to demonstrate their understanding and application of the Laws of Life. 

The event, held on June 6, 2024 at the BahaMar Convention Center was a resounding success, celebrating the remarkable achievements of the competition’s participants.

An esteemed joint venture initiative between the Templeton World Charity Foundation and the Ministry of Education & Technical & Vocational Training, the Laws of Life Essay and Video Competition is in its 16th year since its rebirth in 2009. It aims to encourage students through their writing and video production, to reflect upon and articulate how the Laws of Life shape their lives, guide their decisions, and engender personal growth and positive contributions to society.

The 2024 competition was launched in November 2023, closing in early May of this year. The event organizers, inclusive of the Learning Resources Section of the Department of Education and the Laws of Life Planning Committee, continue to boast of the event’s status as the largest competition of its kind in The Bahamas. With approximately 1,700 entries obtained from students in grades 5-12, as well as students enrolled in local tertiary institutions, the distinguished markers and panel of judges faced the difficult task of selecting the winners among an array of exceptional entries.  

Sir John Templeton believed that each human being “has an excellent opportunity to leave the world a better place than we found it through our choice of how we live our lives.” Thoughts on self-care and reflection on life’s real meaning are taught through many of the laws of life. Life can sometimes get difficult or overwhelming. During these occasions, we may find it necessary to take some time out for ourselves and focus inward. Focusing on our own emotional and physical wellbeing is not only healing for us, but also helps us to help others. The students who entered from across the islands of The Bahamas, applied their writing and video production skills to convey their ideas on the importance of emotional wellbeing and their approach to life.

All participants selected one of the suggested laws of life for their division, explained its meaning, and offered personal insights, experiences and real-world examples of the law being applied. Some of the laws selected by the students were: 

“Healthy minds tend to cause healthy bodies, and vice versa.”

“You get back what you give out.”

“Beautiful thoughts build a beautiful soul.”

“What we focus on expands.”

Since a digital format to the competition was introduced in 2021 to increase the efficiency of the competition, students easily accessed the platform to register and submit their essays and videos. Anonymous evaluations were also carried out via the digital platform.  Continuing its digital trend, this year’s ceremony was also streamed live on the competition’s social media platforms.  

During the awards ceremony, Ms. Tina Cambridge, President of the Templeton World Charity Foundation, congratulated the students on their participation and outstanding contributions. She remarked that, “In a world where mental health is increasingly recognized as vital to our overall well-being, your thoughtful reflections and innovative ideas highlight the significance of self-care and mental health awareness. Your ability to articulate these concepts with clarity and passion is commendable and speaks volumes about your dedication to fostering a healthier, more compassionate society.”

The coveted top awards for all the divisions were presented to eighty-eight students from public and private schools, as well as from local tertiary institutions. A lofty scholarship of $1,000 was given to the winners of the Primary, Junior, and Senior categories. The schools of each of these divisional winners also received a $1,000 prize.  

The Templeton World Charity Foundation and the Ministry of Education & Technical & Vocational Training are adamant about fostering the personal and intellectual growth of our youth and are therefore committed to playing a pivotal role in providing this empowering platform for our young minds to shine.  As the Laws of Life Planning Committee continues to create further opportunities for students and the public to interact with the laws of life, the public is invited to connect and engage with them on their social media channels. More information about the Bahamas Laws of Life Essay and Video competition can be found here.

Additionally, on June 10, 2024 some of the winners were able to participate in a Courtesy Call on Her Excellency Dame Cynthia Pratt. During that visit Her Excellency congratulated the students and the committee members on a job well done. She told the students that, “You young people are a reminder that there is Hope; share what you have gained from this experience with your peers.”

Click here to learn more about the winners and view their winning submissions.

The 2024 winners in each division are:

Primary Division:
1st Place: Jasline Thompson - E.P Roberts Primary 
2nd Place: Valencia Anthony - Summit Academy
3rd Place: Alexis Knowles - Palmdale Primary
Tied 4th: Donavan Davis - Tarpum Bay
Tied 4th: Kennedy Albury - Summit Academy
5th Place: Devonique Bain - Queen's College
6th Place: Gabrielle Oliver - FOCUS (Lyford Cay Foundation)
Junior Division:
1st Place: Ethan Alair Farquharson - Queen's College 
Tied 2nd: Nhaysa Charles - Aquinas College
Tied 2nd: Alyssa Thalia Pratt - Queen's College
3rd Place: Kenley Knowles - Kingsway Academy
Tied 4th: Kassidy Eucharia Burrows - Exuma Christian Academy
Tied 4th: Chloe Sawyer - Queens College
Tied 5th: Evan R. Z. Saunders - Exuma Christian Academy
Tied 5th: Omari Rolle - Aquinas College
Tied 6th: Virginia Miller - C.H.Reeves Junior High School
Tied 6th: Arianna Jaslene Miller - Queen's College
Tied 6th: Taiden Culmer - Kingsway Academy
Senior Division: 
1st Place: Zykia Moss - R.M Bailey Senior High School 
2nd Place: Laurelle Paul - Aquinas College
3rd Place: Danielle Wood - Sunland Baptist Academy
Tied 4th: Jael Gabrielle Taylor - Kingsway Academy
Tied 4th: Savannah Lynn Niquel Cartwright - Kingsway Academy
Tied 5th: Tamar Armbrister - Aquinas College
Tied 5th: Kylee Knowles - Aquinas College
6th Place: Jeremy Nairn - Aquinas College
College Division:
1st Place: Alrika Newbold - University of The Bahamas
2nd Place: Jade Miller - University of The Bahamas
3d Place: De'Anthoni Coakley - University of The Bahamas
Video Division:
1st Place: Gianna Scavella - Queen's College
2nd Place: Aretha Culmer - Central Eleuthera High
3rd Place: Lester Arnett/Lamar Williams - Aquinas College