Youth Radio Dialogues on Ubuntu in South Africa
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October 1 / 2014
- September 30 / 2016
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Character Virtue Development
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Nina Callaghan
Institution Children’s Radio Foundation

This project identifies as its central problem the fractured nature of many South African communities, and the need to create spaces of connectedness, opportunity, inspiration, and optimism for young people. To solve this problem, we propose to harness the concept of ubuntu, through a series of training activities and two radio competitions, to get South African youth seeing their communities and themselves in a different light, concentrating on their assets rather than their deficits, and the role they can play in making a positive change.

Utilising radio reporting, storytelling, broadcasts, and two national competitions to ignite dialogues about the themes of ubuntu among South African youth, the initiative trains youth to bring out powerful local stories, and to create an array of radio programmes that highlight the diversity and interdependence within these localities. It encourages youth reporters to identify themes of ubuntu as actualised in the lives of others, and through this process, to uncover new ideas, self-understanding, and ways of working together to improve their communities.

Recent Event: Youth Radio Awards 2015

For the third year in a row, the Children’s Radio Foundation (CRF) hosted their Youth Radio Awards, through the support of the Templeton World Charity Foundation. The Youth Radio Awards recognise the effort, passion and determination of the Young Reporters Network (YRN). This youth-focused broadcast network was established by CRF and UNICEF four years ago. It is a nationwide initiative that equips community radio stations to mentor children and young people to produce content for youth-led and produced radio shows. Every week, a total of 280 young reporters engage with their communities, collecting stories about issues affecting their lives. These awards are the only youth media awards in South Africa, celebrating talented and enthusiastic voices from across the country. We presented awards that spoke to the theme of ubuntu, with Best Community Story, Best Ubuntu Show, Best Community Activity, among those awarded.

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