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Aug 1, 2021

Ubuntu & Youth Radio Reporters with Nina Callaghan (podcast)

Exploring the concept of Ubuntu fosters flourishing among young journalists in South Africa and their communities.

By Templeton Staff

Nina Callaghan, former Associate Director and current South African Chair of Children’s Radio Foundation discusses her work with the youth radio reporters and their two-year exploration of the concept of Ubuntu, funded by Templeton World Charity Foundation.

Ubuntu is a Nguni Bantu term often translated as “I am because we are.” In a post-apartheid country still suffering the social, psychic, and economic wounds of decades of institutionalized racial segregation, the very act of teaching youth basic journalism, including ethics, consent, and truth-telling, is a powerful healing act. Using radio journalism as a vehicle, Callaghan and the program’s participants examine ways Ubuntu can be used as a guiding principle to build character, forge community, and navigate our interaction with this living planet.

In this podcast episode, taken from a conversation between Callaghan and journalist Richard Sergay, Callaghan details how the study of Ubuntu has encouraged the flourishing of these young minds, and shares the program’s outcomes and impact on the community and its future generations. This episode also features words of wisdom from the burgeoning reporters themselves.

This podcast episode is a Gold dotCOMM Awards Winner, 2021, as well as a Gold MarCom Awards Winner, 2021.

Discover the video version of this interview.

Learn more about the TWCF-funded research project related to this episode.

Read the transcript from the interview conducted by journalist Richard Sergay, presented by podcast producer Tavia Gilbert. Featuring: Nina Callaghan, former Associate Director and current South African Chair of Children’s Radio Foundation; Various voices from the Youth Radio Reporters.

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