Frequently Asked Questions

With the exception of open calls for proposals associated with our strategic initiatives, we do not currently accept unsolicited proposals, and if you contact us, we may not be able to respond to your query.

No, we support activities across academic disciplines and geographical regions.

We support innovative organizations at the forefront of knowledge. Past grant recipients include large universities, small colleges, nonprofit organizations, charitable societies, and private companies. We welcome engagement from all sectors and institutions who share our goals.

We are not permitted to make follow-on grants to existing projects without at least 50% co-funding from outside sources. If you intend to continue your project and have a robust plan for additional resources, you may submit a request to the Foundation at least six months prior to the expiration of the current grant.

We will consider projects that fall outside of our strategic initiatives. However, funding for these types of projects is limited, and these projects are generally sourced proactively by the Foundation’s program officers and advisors.

You can browse through Our Priorities section on our website, where you can find the sites for our specific initiatives. The initiatives have mailing lists to which you can subscribe for more information.