Global Dialogue on Freedom and Human Flourishing at MPS General Meeting, New Delhi
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April 1 / 2024
- March 31 / 2025
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Individual Freedom and Free Markets
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Amit Chandra
Institution Centre for Civil Society

The 2024 General Meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society (MPS) will be held in New Delhi, India from 22-26 September 2024. It will be hosted by the Centre for Civil Society, a leading liberal think tank. The theme of the General Meeting is Freedom & Prosperity for the Next 6 Billion. 

While some free nations have become wealthy, a large part of the world, notably in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America, still has limited economic freedom and, as a consequence, generates limited wealth. What can be done to enhance the cause of freedom and prosperity in these societies? The General Meeting 2024 will be an opportunity to dissect the intricate fabric of prosperity, learning from diverse perspectives and experiences.

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