Disassembling the regulatory obstacles that hinder the opening of new businesses in light of Nearshoring in Mexico
TWCF Number
Project Duration
May 1 / 2024
- April 30 / 2026
Core Funding Area
Individual Freedom and Free Markets
North America
Amount Awarded

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Ana Moreno
Institution México Evalúa, Centro de Análisis de Políticas Públicas, A.C.

Mariana Campos
Institution México Evalúa, Centro de Análisis de Políticas Públicas, A.C.

The objective of this project is to meticulously identify and dissect the regulatory and monopolistic barriers entrenched within local markets across 8 distinct federal entities and their corresponding primary municipalities in Mexico who have witnessed a surge in industrial investments, primarily propelled by the escalating interest in foreign direct investments (FDI), particularly within the prevailing backdrop of the Nearshoring phenomenon. The project's overarching aim is twofold: first, to develop a comprehensive indicator dashboard; and second, to conduct an in-depth qualitative analysis of the pivotal regulatory and competition impediments that exert a pronounced influence on new investments’ dynamics, legal assurance, and overall competitiveness, spanning the intricate spectrum of federal, state, and municipal levels.

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