Educational Openness in Latin America
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Project Duration
May 1 / 2024
- November 30 / 2026
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Individual Freedom and Free Markets
South America
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Martin Krause
Institution Fundación Libertad y Progreso

Although there is much research on Latin America's educational systems, there is no regional evaluation of the degree of openness they offer and how this relates to better results. Some countries have tested already with more levels of educational freedom but there is no attempt to evaluate and measure the correlation with results. Decentralization creates some room for diversity but only in the management of an otherwise centralized curriculum.

This project aims to do such research and as an outcome of it to develop an Educational Freedom Index that will show the different degrees of openness and results by country and where possible, by region or city. They plan to show differences within countries, particularly those where there is some degree of diversity; and bring up cases of specific schools that may be examples for future reforms towards more open systems.

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