Non Profit Accelerator
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Project Duration
March 15 / 2024
- March 14 / 2025
Core Funding Area
Other Charitable Purposes
The Bahamas
Amount Awarded

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Keyron Smith
Institution One Eleuthera Foundation

Kentisha Ward
Institution One Eleuthera Foundation

Based on the specific challenges faced by Bahamian nonprofit organizations (NPOs)in The Bahamas, the ongoing challenges of climate change and the interconnected inequality,  acceleration of the third sector is a critical need.

One Eleuthera Foundation is poised to lead in this sector's capacity acceleration based on its core mission and vision and its commitment to support current and potential partners.

Added to this are relevant models from the region that can support the further development of OEF’s acceleration capacity. For the sustainability of OEF’s Non-Profit Accelerator, it must rely and develop programming based on its current capacity and a phased approach for acceleration programming is recommended.

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