Young Leadership Program at The Island School
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March 1 / 2024
- February 28 / 2025
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The Bahamas
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Anshena Johnson
Institution Cape Eleuthera Island School

Lindsay Johnson
Institution Cape Eleuthera Foundation

The Island School’s Community Engagement team fosters meaningful relationships by engaging in education, conservation, and sustainability programs to advocate living well in a place. We collaborate with local schools, youth, families, community leaders, government organizations, and local partners to design and implement community engagement programs that have been requested and match our expertise.

Young Leadership Program

The Island School’s Young Leadership Program provides opportunities for mentorship, healthy engagement, and individual growth for promising young men and women in South Eleuthera. Low high school graduation and high unemployment rates signify the need for positive role models and increased opportunities for learning at this critical time in adolescent development.

The Young Leadership Program is an extracurricular mentorship program dedicated to the success of young people in South Eleuthera. Through this program, young people are supported to become leaders in their communities by building grit, determination, self-awareness, leadership, and conflict-resolution skills. 

The Young Leadership Program centers around the following core values:

  • Personal Revolve: Teaches self-awareness and pride and highlights strategies to improve learning and success

  • Academic Vitality: Not necessarily knowing all the answers, but instead having the ability to ask the right questions

  • Fearless Leadership: Highlights the bravery it takes to lead one’s peers in a positive direction

  • Global Awareness: Dissects larger systems and trends and allows space for young people to discuss big issues

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