2023 Summer Research Institute
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May 11 / 2023
- November 11 / 2023
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North America
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Rosalyn Stagg
Institution Mind & Life Institute

Bridging science and contemplative wisdom can foster insight and inspire action toward flourishing. The Mind & Life Summer Research Institute (SRI) 2023 provides opportunities for deep dialogue across disciplines on the topics of trauma, resilience, and flourishing, and their complex interconnections. The program will engage dynamic, ongoing dialogue among scientists with humanities scholars, Buddhist and other ethnocultural scholars, Indigenous knowledge holders, contemplatives, social activists, students, and trainees during its weeklong immersive program. Funding from this grant will contribute to supporting this program. 

Unlike traditional academic conferences, SRI provides opportunities for deep dialogue across disciplines as well as inquiry through first-person reflection and contemplative practice. 

The program incorporates plenary lectures, panel discussions, breakout groups, spaces for relationship building, poster presentations, networking opportunities, and daily contemplative time (meditation, yoga, QiGong, walking in nature, contemplative arts, and silent periods including two half-day retreat periods). Also featured are intentional spaces where participants come together in a safe space to discuss and find support around topics related to specific research interests and/or identities.

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