Metascience Symposium 2023
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May 1 / 2023
- October 31 / 2023
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North America
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Brian Nosek
Institution Center for Open Science, Inc.

Many scholarly fields conduct descriptive research about the research process. Advocates and reformers have prescriptive ideas about how the research process might be improved. Policymakers, funders, publishers, and other stakeholders enact changes to the social and technical infrastructure of research. All have an interest in whether changes and reforms have their intended effects or unintended consequences that might accelerate or inhibit advancement, translation, and application of research. Together, these researchers and stakeholders are the research and development pipeline for improving the system and practice of research. The Metascience 2023 Conference will bring these communities together to share ideas and evidence, while fostering a culture of continuous experimentation and improvement. It will feature presenters from a wide variety of disciplines. The event takes place at the National Academy of Science Building in Washington, DC, with additional virtual symposia pre-conference events. 2023 partners include The Center for Open Science.

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