Leadership on Existential Threats
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March 12 / 2024
- March 11 / 2025
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Luke Upchurch
Institution The Elders Foundation

This grant will provide assistance for a major new communications and advocacy initiative which will facilitate intergenerational events on existential threats and the importance of compassionate, long-view leadership. In demonstrating that there is hope in tackling existential threats, it will showcase solutions and the need for morally courageous decision making.

The aims of the project are to:

  • Frame the challenge – show why a fresh mindset and longview leadership are needed on existential threats and why the next generation of leaders need to be heard and included in decision making.
  • Showcase solutions – provide a platform for current leaders, future leaders experts and Global South voices to show how courageous leadership and positive collaboration can address the challenges.
  • Inspire courageous, longview leadership by calling on current leaders, future leaders and decision-makers to be inspired by hope and make meaningful and tangible commitments on the threats we face.
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