Sir John Templeton Memorial Scholarship
TWCF Number
Project Duration
April 1 / 2023
- March 31 / 2025
Core Funding Area
Other Charitable Purposes
The Bahamas
Amount Awarded

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Nicola Virgill
Institution Lyford Cay Foundation, Inc.

This funding will support the relaunch of the Sir John Templeton Scholarship (SJTMS) at the Lyford Cay Foundations. The SJTMS will provide opportunities for up to three students to experience the rigor and excitement of graduate studies with scholarships valued up to $40,000 each per year for up to two years. The selected students will explore themes around human development, human potential and human flourishing as a means of achieving meaningful development, human progress and improving the quality of life for individuals and societies through their research, knowledge creation and scholarly practice. The scholarship will expand support for post-graduate degrees beyond business and theology studies to include support for a wider range of post graduate degrees (masters and doctoral degrees) to include, but not limited to, philosophy, mathematics, pure and applied science such as physics, chemistry, biology, neuroscience, environmental science, and the humanities.

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