Promoting Human Flourishing with Interpersonal Listening
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August 22 / 2022
- August 13 / 2023
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Middle East
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Guy Itzchakov
Institution University of Haifa

Research shows that high-quality listening is deeply related to curiosity, self-insight, the discovery of virtues, and intellectual humility. This workshop, from a team led by Guy Itzchakov at the University of Haifa, will bring together international and local researchers working in diverse fields related to listening and human flourishing to brainstorm a programmatic research agenda on this topic. The workshop takes place during Templeton World Charity Foundation’s First Annual Global Scientific Conference on Human Flourishing. Participating researchers work in the fields of social psychology, management, education, occupational therapy, communication, organizational behavior, and positive psychology. Outputs are expected to include community-building across research and practice as well as generation of an international collaboration with social policy relevance.

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