Human Flourishing for Sustainable Development
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August 22 / 2022
- August 21 / 2023
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Jan Artem Henriksson
Institution IDG Inner Development Goals AB (svb)

Åsa Jarskog
Institution IDG Inner Development Goals AB (svb)

In 2015, the UN outlined 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a blueprint for achieving a more sustainable world by 2030. In this workshop, a team led by Jan Artem Henriksson and Åsa Jarskog of the Inner Development Goals (IDG) initiative will bring together key stakeholders in 5 countries from the Global South to explore how building inner development qualities and traits related to human flourishing can help achieve Sustainable Development Goals in policy-making.

Participants in the program will formulate strategies for mobilizing stakeholders in their respective countries and for the establishment of national multi-stakeholder “IDG Nodes." Development of a first prototype for how the implementation of the IDG framework will accelerate reaching 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development will begin during this workshop. This will be achieved through an "IDG Action Lab", including interactive exercises and discussions facilitated by 3 experienced IDG experts.

Expected outcomes from this workshop include the development of relevant inner capacities and skills to help integrate “flourishing of all” into the decision-making of leaders of key organizations in the participating regions, and growth of the network between the national IDG Nodes to continuously collaborate, share progress and contribute to the worldwide IDG framework.

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