Care as the Driver of Intelligence
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August 22 / 2022
- August 14 / 2023
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Thomas Doctor
Institution Rangjung Yeshe Institute Foundation, Inc.

This workshop, from a team led by Thomas Doctor at Rangjung Yeshe Institute, suggests that intelligence is the ability to identify problems and seek their solution. To be intelligent is to have engaged concern. To be intelligent is to care.

Bodhisattvas are traditionally conceived as evolutionary models of caring and insightful engagement that transcend the boundaries of species and understand organisms and their environments in terms of interdependence and mutual integration. Thought leaders from the spheres of biology, psychology, medicine, Buddhism, and the sciences of information and cognition will gather in Nepal to explore how the bodhisattva commitment to care for all beings may be applied to biological, artificial, and hybrid intelligences. The aim of the workshop is to describe, critique, and model caring intelligences in ways that map to concepts in biology, Buddhism and cognitive science and are relevant for the development of AI.

Tangible outputs include modeling of caring intelligences, videography, storytelling, and reporting.

The workshop takes place during Templeton World Charity Foundation’s First Annual Global Scientific Conference on Human Flourishing.

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