The Future of Intelligence
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August 22 / 2022
- August 14 / 2023
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North America
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Brie Linkenhoker
Institution Worldview Studio LLC

Nancy Murphy
Institution Worldview Studio LLC

This workshop in the Silicon Valley in California, led by Brie Linkenhoker at Worldview Studio will explore likely near-term advances in artificial and collective intelligence, and the ways in which they might co-evolve with human intelligence in the longer term. Expert discussion panels will be combined with a scenario planning exercise that will yield draft scenarios on the future of intelligence that can be further developed after the workshop. To counter the heavy influence of dystopian thinking in this space, human flourishing will be the lens through which to imagine how humans could thrive in different possible futures of intelligence, and identify key drivers that would limit human flourishing if we don’t take appropriate action. The workshop took place during our Global Scientific Conference on Human Flourishing.

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