Towards a more cohesive, creative, and amicable consciousness science—from grassroots up
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February 28 / 2023
- February 27 / 2024
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Rony Hirschhorn
Institution Tel-Aviv University

The Mediterranean Society For Consciousness Science (MESEC) is a unique undertaking designed for early-career researchers by early-career researchers. This seminar aims to address the challenges faced by early-career researchers in their frequent encounters with fragmented literature and proponents of specific theories or methods working in “silos,” which results in lack of opportunity to learn and exchange views with peers whose work is parallel to theirs.

MESEC is also an opportunity for early academics to learn about the philosophical background behind theories of consciousness and the paradigms designed to test them, which are not currently offered in traditional programs. 

Organized by early career researchers, the seminar’s comprehensive curriculum plans to integrate experts from multiple disciplines, and will be designed to provide researchers with the tools they need to understand the state of the field, inspiring them to form new ideas.

MESEC also features a noteworthy communications aspect in their successful YouTube series covering discussions from the seminar.

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