Scaling Up Local Agriculture Grant in the Northern Bahamas
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Project Duration
July 1 / 2022
- June 30 / 2023
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Other Charitable Purposes
The Bahamas
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Kali Kirkendall
Institution The Blue Atlas Project

A new grant from Templeton World Charity Foundation will allow Blue Atlas Project to continue their Scaling Up Local Agriculture Grant program. They will be offering funding to both Abaco and Grand Bahama. The project, led by Kali Kirkendall, will be focused on small Food and Agriculture start-ups. 

Through outreach, the Ministry of Agriculture, farmer surveys and local Government Representation, the project has found that there is a gap in need for new farm and food business creation. They have created an incubator concept where applications for small grants between $1000-$5000 wil be accepted to help new initiatives get started.

Blue Atlas Project will be working towards providing a hands-on training center in Grand Bahama for climate smart-grow technological approaches, such as aquaponics. In the meantime, they will be offering these virtually through webinars with the help of specialists from the Israeli group, Volcani International and Perpetual Foods of the US.

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