Character and Flourishing in Latin America
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Project Duration
August 22 / 2022
- February 21 / 2023
Core Funding Area
Character Virtue Development
South America
Amount Awarded

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Sonia Carrillo
Institution Universidad de los Andes

Yvonne Gomez & Gordon Ingram
Institution Universidad de los Andes

This project aims to invigorate a Latin American community of researchers, educators, and policymakers interested in investigating and promoting character development and its relation to human flourishing. Over the course of a two-day workshop, diverse stakeholders will be brought together to share evidence about what works to promote character development, identify gaps in current research and practice, and to promote opportunities for collaboration on character development and human flourishing in the region. The workshop, which took place during our Global Scientific Conference on Human Flourishing, was hosted by Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia led by psychologist, Sonia Carrillo.

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